Total Vision Systems

PRL’s Total Vision System (TVS) is an innovative method to secure and pivot heavy all-glass doors. Using a combination of heavy tempered glass and European style door hardware, the glass serves as the structural element and our patch fittings pivot the doors as well as hold adjacent glass panels in place.

Designed for all-glass entrances, PRL’s Total Vision System is the choice to showcase your home or business in style. Tailored with minimal metal supports, our door patch fittings display a minute presence providing a beautiful, absolutely transparent entryway.  

PRL extends a large collection of TVS glass and door patch fittings. Fabricated in-house, we offer a variety of fin and pivot brackets such as sidelite/transom brackets, sidelite/sidelite brackets, L-angle, wall/transom brackets and 90˚sidelite/transom brackets. We also offer sidelite/transom door stop brackets and 90˚ glass-to-glass connector patch fittings. Fabricated from premium stainless steel or brass clad aluminum, PRL’s Total Vision System door patch fittings provide strength and durability you can rely on.

Suitable for ½” and ¾” glass thicknesses, TVS patch fittings are available in a number of brilliant finishes. Select from satin or polished brass, clear or bronze anodize, brushed or polished stainless steel, or painted. All crafted with class in mind, PRL offers a finish that will highlight your all-glass entrance splendidly. For more details please click here

Fittings use a dry/mechanical glazed method with precision bolt in a versatile modular dimension (2" x 6-1/2"). Feature removable cover plates with available finishes in aluminum anodize, Standard steel and brass.


Transom/SL/Fin/Pivot Bracket
4-1/8"H  / 8-1/2" W
Transom/SL/Pivot Bracket
4-1/8"H  / 8-1/2" W
Lock Patch Fitting
2" H  / 6-1/2" W
 PL-414 / 424
Bottom / Top Patch Fitting
2" H  / 6-1/2" W
Transom/SL/Pivot Bracket
4-1/8"H  / 8-1/2" W
SM (side/Top) Fin Bracket
4-3/8"H / 4-5/8 W

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